Air Quality Management Expert and Consultant

Who we Are ?

Olentica offices are located in the « firms hotel » building as part of the Science Park of the école des Mines d’Alès. This foothold close to the research centers of the école des Mines d’Alès and other innovative companies allows us to design and develop projects in R&D faster.

Our Team


Jean-François Després

Jean-François Després, engineer and doctor in physics and chemistry, has practiced in the field of odours since 1999 and knows well this issue. He has worked in Belgium, Canada and France as consultant engineer on material and environmental issue. He is the executive president of Olentica since its foundation in 2011.


Mathilde Chaignaud
Project Manager

Doctor in organic chemistry, she has joined the team in 2013. Her experience in the field of perfume and aroma chemistry as well as sensorial analysis is another valuable asset for the company.


Jean-Louis Fanlo
Scientific Advisor

Jean-Louis Fanlo is professor at the école des Mines d’Alès, he coordinates the “Odors & VOCs” team of the industrial environment engineering laboratory. His team is recognized as one of the most effective in this field in France and abroad.